HO scale parts

Limited edition models of American 19th century locomotives and rolling stock


Announcement 2019, 1st of May

Dear Customer,

We have now available etched replacement side and main rod sets for Bachmanns all new tooling HO 4-4-0 American locomotive. The sets have smaller dimension and better detail than the original ones.

One set consists of:

-2 side rods

-2 main rods

The set is photo etched in 0.45mm nickel silver, see photos below. They are a direct replacement and no fitting or adjustment is required except for the main rods that needs to be fitted to the Bachmann plastic crosshead.

Further below is a tutorial with photos on how to change the main rods.

Price $9 per set. Shipping is $4 for up to 3 sets. Preferred payment through Paypal.

At the moment we have only 16 sets so you need to act quickly. If there is demand we will produce more sets.

How to order:

Email me how many sets you want, your address and I'll email you a invoice through Paypal. When payment has been received we will ship out  the item(s).

Disclaimer. If you have a poorly running locomotive with quartering issues these sets will not rectify the poor running.

Tip. One way to get the locomotive running better if it has problem with the quartering is to remove a wheelset. Then gently try to turn one of the wheels either starting anticlockwise or clockwise a fraction of a mm. Remount it and testrun the locomotive in both directions. Is it worse than before remove the wheelset again and turn the wheel the other direction. Remount and testrun again. With some persistance the quartering issue should disappear and the locomotive should run better.   

Tutorial fitting the main rods

First you remove the crankpin so the main rod is loose. Then using a small screwdriver gently open the crosshead guides so the crosshead can be removed.

The main rod with crosshead removed.

On the inside the rivet holding the rod to the crosshead is gently filed flat. It can then be removed and the original main rod discarded. 

The new main rod is then fitted to the crosshead using the pin. The pin need to be gently riveted by holding it against a heavy item such as an anvil and then lightly tapping it using a small hammer or equivalent. Gently does it as you want a flexible joint between the rod and crosshead.  

The main rod with crosshead is then reinserted inside the crosshead guides using a screwdriver to open up the slot. 

Final assembly is to add the side rods and screw everything together using the crankpins.

Announcement 2015, 2nd of April

Dear Customer,

We are happy to announce that we are making available more HO parts for the Early rail modeler. First out is a set of photo etched platform handrails made to fit a HO scale Roundhouse Overland car but can be used for other cars as well.

A set for one car includes:

-4 handrails

-2 brake wheels

-2 uncoupling staffs

The set is photo etched in 0.4mm brass, see picture below. The parts can either be glued together or soldered.

Price $5 per set. Shipping is $4 for up t0 3 sets. Preferred payment through Paypal.

New stock has arrived!

How to order:

Email me how many sets you want, your address and I'll email you a invoice through Paypal.