Pullman Car Dayton

NEWS update 2015, 11th of september

NEWS update 2015, 1st of July

Everything is home and packaged I have sent out invoices to you that have reservations in the first run. When payment has been recived the packages will be shipped out.

Thank you all for the support!

Limited edition models of American 19th century locomotives and rolling stock


The Monster

NEWS update 2018, 5th of December

This is the last call for the Pullman Palace Drawing Room car "Dayton". I have two kits still left for immediate delivery and after these no more Dayton kits will be made. When they are gone they are gone! They all include decals and trucks (wheels and couplers not included).

Price complete kit with decals and trucks (wheels and couplers not included) $163 + shipping $21.


To order just drop me an email to info@eightwheelermodels.com with the kit(s) you want and your full adress. I'll then send you an invoice through Paypal.

We are taking reservations on another run on the Pullman Palace Drawing room car "Dayton".

NEWS update 2017, 3rd of December

NEWS update 2017, 11th of July

We are still taking reservations on the Pullman Palace Drawing room car "Dayton".

Shipping worldwide

-The Dayton incl. decals (excl. trucks) insured shipping approx. $148.

-The Dayton incl. decals and trucks) insured shipping approx. $176.

When the reservations are filled we will start producing the kit and send out emails to those having reservations arranging payment and shipping.

NEWS update 2015, 8th of december

The second run on the Dayton has been sold out and the kits will now go into production.

The same goes for the third run on the Woodruff

For you that missed out on the Dayton and the Woodruff depending on how much interest there are I can consider making a new run on each model. I need at least 10 reservations for each model to make it worthwhile. Send an email to info@eightwheelermodels.com if you are interested. For price and information on the Dayton kit look lower down on this webpage on the announcement 2015, 17nd of April. For the Woodruff kit look under the Woodruff page.

Thank you all for the support!

The first run has been shipped out.

For you that missed out on the first run I'm now taking reservations for the second run. Send an email to info@eightwheelermodels.com and I'll put you on the reservation list. For price and information on the kit look lower down on this webpage on the announcement 2015, 17nd of April.

We have added a gallery to our website with models made by our customers. Just click in the menue and chose the Gallery button.

Thank you all for the support!

NEWS update 2015, 24st of May

The prototype build is finished and after some tweaking of the parts the kit will go into production. When everything is home and packaged I'll send out an email to you that have reservations concerning payment and shipping. Below are some pictures of the car. 

Thank you all for the support!

Sorry about the too large Kadees

NEWS update 2015, 1st of May

Thank you all for the reception of the kit!

All the reservations for the first run are now filled. If there is enough interest a second run will be made .

Here are some pictures from the prototype build. The parts fit together nicely and the build is progressing. This kit is in many ways easier to assemble then the Woodruff. Please note that in the pictures below some of the parts are only test mounted together. For example the body and roof.

On the pictures above the sides has been soldered together. We want to emphazise that they can also be glued together. No soldering skills are required to assemble the kit.

Announcement 2015, 17nd of April

Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce our new HO kit of the 1870s (52' over body) Pullman Palace Drawing Room car “Dayton”. This type of early Pullman car has never been released in kit form before.


We have learned a lot from the Woodruff kit and on the Dayton used a little different approach when designing the kit and makes for a easier kit to assemble for the customer.

With this we are ready to take reservations for the first run. When the reservations are filled we will start making the kits and when everything is ready to ship we will contact you for payment and shipping.

The kit comprises:

-3D printed roof, roof details, body ends, platforms, underbody detail, bolsters etc.

-Photo etched brass sides and frame, brass end railings, brake wheels, clerestory sides from 0.4mm brass sheet stock

-Misc. wood and laser board parts

-Screws and hardware

-Laser cut glass

-Stainless steel mesh for clerestory windows


-Various parts, wire etc

Some features:

-Broken bullnose roof ends, never before modeled.

-Finely detailed platform ends

-Beautiful etched sides

-Drill guide holes for roof ventilators incorporated in roof.

-Photo etched platform railing. No more soldering or fitting oversize cast railings.

Price for kit $117 + shipping. Preferred payment through Paypal.

As before with the Woodruff kit to save on shipping the customer has the option to receive the instructions through email in PDF format.

The photo etched sides and parts can either be glued or soldered together depending on the preference of the builder. No soldering skills are required to assemble the kit. Please note that this is a Craftsman kit requiring previous modeling skills with similar models. The kit is for the intermediate to experienced modeler.

Not included in the kit:

-Trucks and wheelsets

-Coupler. The pocket fits a Kadee No 22 or similar.

-Paint, glue, tools etc

Suitable 6 wheel trucks can be bought from my Shapeway shop through the following link:


You can also substitute for you own choice of trucks. The car is designed for a 10´ 6 wheel truck.

The etched sheet with sides, end handrails and other various parts

Detail of etched sheet

Detail of etched sheet

Various parts, ends, roof etc

How To Order

Please make your reservations via email as soon as possible as we only going to make a limited amount of kits in the first run. A second run can be made if there is demand.

When the reservations are filled and the kits are packaged I’ll send out an email with payment and shipping information. When payment is received the kits will be shipped.

A Little History

The Pullman car Dayton was built by Barney & Smith 1870-71. It was among the first Pullmans in Pullmans growing fleet of luxury cars coming forth patterned after the pioneer Pullman aptly named “Pioneer” built 1865. It had for the time a very luxurious interior together with a richly decorated outside which set the style for rail travel years to come. The car has the very distinct broken bullnose roof ends which later on evolved to the more ordinary bullnose roof.

This type roof has to our knowledge never before been released commercially a model. It was popular on Pullman cars in the 1860s through the 1870s to then gradually disappear. For you as a modeler the car can be used with little change from the middle 1860s and onward to the end of the century. If it is still running at the end of the century it probably has been refurnished to for example immigrant service.

Ordinary bullnose roof end

Broken bullnose roof end, extreme example

Mr George Pullman and how he looked in the 1850s and 1870s