Limited edition models of American 19th century locomotives and rolling stock

NEWS update 2014, 8th of November

The second run of The Woodruff sleeper has all been shipped except for one kit reservation that was canceled. 

The canceled kit is packaged and ready to ship so if you are interested please send me an email!  

I also have had interest making detail parts from the kit available from my Shapeway shop. They will be available at the end of the weekend. 

Also there has been some change of plans and the next kit will be slightly different then previously declared. It will still be a Pullman but a model of the Palace Drawing Room Car "Dayton" see picture below.

On the General Haupt I have no news. The manufacturer are working on the design and on a prototype model. Hopefully at the end of the year we will have something to show. Thank you for your patience.

NEWS update 2016, 22th of October

NEWS update 2016, 21th of August

NEWS update 2016, 17th of July

NEWS update 2016, 27th of June

After the third run on the Woodruff kit I have decided to end production of this kit. I'll instead devote my time to the development of the new Metropolitan kit and if there are enough interest to further runs of the Dayton kit.


Thank you all for the support !




The third run of the Woodruff kit has been packaged and shipped.


Due to a cancellation I have one kit still available. It cost $142 + shipping. It includes trucks and decals.


Thank you all for the support !


The third run on the Woodruff is now in production and the kits are nearing completion. In a couple of weeks invoices will be sent out to you that hold reservations. After payment has been received the kits will be shipped.


Thank you all for the support!



Beside preparing the Woodruff kits I have also started on the next project which will be the:


Pullman Palace Hotel car "Metropolitan"


I have one Woodruff sleeper kit still available. This is the last one so grab it while you can.


The kit cost $142 including trucks and decals. Shipping not included in the price.




NEWS update 2015, 12 of February

The second run of The Woodruff sleeper is sold out. If there is enough interest a third run will be made.


Here are some work in progress pictures of the Pullman "Dayton" car kit that is coming out this summer

NEWS update 2014, 28th of August

The reservations for the second run have been filled. 

If there are enough interest I'll make a third run.

NEWS update 2014, 22th of June

Thank you all for the response on the Woodruff kit. After a hiccup with some missing parts the first run have been shipped.

The reservations for the second run are nearly filled. Only two reservations left.

To be able to gauge interest for future kits please send me a email (info@eightwheelermodels.com) if you are interested in a HO kit of the following.

Pullman's Palace Drawing Room and Sleeping Car "Baltimore" and "Saranac"

It will be similar type of Craftsman kit as the Woodruff kit with laser cut parts combined with 3D printed parts.

NEWS update 2014, 4th of May

Here are a link to some pictures of various parts for the General Haupt

Click on the image to see the picture in better resolution.

Please disregard the horse:-). It is for size comparison.

Thank you for your continued support.

NEWS update 2014, 2th of May

Thank you all for the response on the Woodruff kit. The reservations for the first run are filled and we are now busy packing the kits. If all goes well we will ship out in a couple of weeks.

The reservations for the second run are nearly filled. Only three left. 

NEWS update 2014, 3th of April


Woodruff Sleeping Car HO scale kit

We are happy to announce that the second Woodruff car pilot build is finished and we are now taking reservations for the first kit run due for delivery this summer.

For more information please see page Woodruff Sleeping Car in the menu above.

NEWS update 2013, 31th of December

Here are some progress pictures on the General Haupt and the cab. The design is nearly complete and the next step after that is production and a pilot model.

News on the Juniata:

The kit is estimated to be ready for launch summer 2014. The fitting of the parts has been tested on the pilot but some changes has to be made and another pilot model will be made and tested prior to the release. Please note that it will be a Craftsmans kit which is not for beginners but for those who have previous experience assembling Craftsmans kits. Similar kits are those from Silver Crash Car Works, Art Griffin and Virginia Foundry & Model Works. 

NEWS update 2013, 6st of December

Here are the first pictures of the Woodruff car pilot build. There are some small  changes to be made to the design.

These car in their heyday must have been quite as sight as research has indicated that the cars were painted:

 '....in the company livery, seal brown with black end posts and bright yellow roofs, all with liberal gold trim.'

NEWS update 2013, 03th of October

It is with happiness I can announce that the General Haupt project is again up and running. Most of the difficulties have been settled and the project is back on track. A date when the models will be ready has not yet been agreed upon so please be patient. The 3D model design is at this date about 90-95% complete as you can see from the pictures below.   

Here are also some progress pictures of the upcoming Woodruff sleeping car kit.

The sides will be laser cut in Lazer board material and a sample can be seen below together with a test print of the car ends and one of the trucks.

NEWS update 2013, 22th of September

Here are some progress pictures of the forthcoming new kit from Eight-wheeler Models.

A HO scale sleeping car from the 1880s based on the Jackson & Sharp Woodruff sleeping car "Juniata".

It will be a craftsman type of kit made up of 3D printed and laser cut parts.

The kits will be sold in three configurations:

-Complete kit with all hardware including decals

-Complete kit with all hardware excluding decals

-Partial kit with body only. Includes sides, ends, roof, floor and platforms.

Here is a photo of the "Juniata"

NEWS update 2013, 10th of May

Here are some pictures of latest 3D model updates.

NEWS update 2013, 9th of May

It is with regret that I have to put the news to you that the General Haupt project has been very much delayed. We had hoped for it to be ready this year but due to difficulties at the manufacturer we can't today say when the model will be available. Please keep your reservations as we are working to resolve all the difficulties.

Otherwise come back to me by email and I will remove you from the list.

Apart from these sad news we also have some GOOD news and that is that we in the meantime are working on bringing forth some HO scale early era rolling stock kits. So please keep watching.

I have also set up a shop on Shapeways where an 1880 6-wheel truck can be bought. It is based on a Jackson & Sharp design from 1880-1885. I’m also working on paper wheel inserts for various wheel sets that also soon will be available through Shapeways.

Here is the link to my shop on Shapeways:



Håkan Nilsson,

Eight-Wheeler Models  

NEWS update 2012, 28th of April

Still hot and fresh from the foundry!

The first evaluation castings. Please note that the casting sprue is still attached to the bottom of the locomotive frame. For size comparison see the Kadee no 5 coupler.

Please note that the design is not final and can be subject to change.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

NEWS update 2012, 20th of April

Work in progress picture

Here is a snapshot taken from the CAD 3D model with a picture of the locomotive with tender. Please note that the design is not final and can be subject to change.

More information will be posted when available.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

NEWS update 2011, 6th of October

Unfortunately, due to high workload at Brimalm Engineering at the moment, the General Haupt project will be a little delayed. Release will instead be expected in the beginning of 2012. I'll post more information on the website when available.

For the moment please take a look at Brimalm latest bulletin see link below which shows the unpainted prototype for another of their projects, a very small model of Swedens first locomotive. You can expect the same level of detail for the General Haupt.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

NEWS update 2011, 3th of January

Work in progress picture

Here is a snapshot taken from the CAD 3D model with a picture of the tender. Please note that the design is not final and can be subject to change. 

Picture courtesy Brimalm Engineering.

The model will feature:

Factory paint. Unlettered version available.

Coreless motor, Faulhaber type.

Operating headlight

DCC,  decoder factory installed. Runs also on DC.

Firebox light

Brass and stainless steel construction

Wheels in stainless steel

Electrical pickup on all tender wheels

Tender drive with driveshaft hidden below floor.

Backhead detail

Individually numbered with certificate

The models are made in HO scale 1/87 to NMRA standards. The intention is to make the most faithful reproduction that ever has been made yet with fine running characteristics. A model for operation as well as display. For the connoisseur collector as well as the modeler.

The model is only made in a limited edition so to be certain to get yours, RESERVE today by email, FREE OF CHARGE. And there is no charge for cancelling the reservation if you chose to do so. The model is estimated to be ready at the end of 2011.

The model is made by master model locomotive builder Brimalm Engineering, Sweden. They have manufactured exclusive brass models since 1992 mostly of Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German prototypes.  They use state of the art technology in design as in manufacturing.

For more information on Brimalm Engineering please see,

 WWW.BRIMALM.COM    (to see the site in English press the flag)

Drawings and artwork courtesy Jon M. Davis

Please check back again as more information and pictures will be posted later.