Mud wagon kits

Limited edition models of American 19th century locomotives and rolling stock

NEWS update 2017, 3rd of December

New kit announcement

HO and S scale lasercut 3 seat mud wagon kit.



The kit includes lasercut parts to build a large 3 seated mud wagon.

HO scale:

Price 1 mud wagon including shipping US$17.95

Price 2 mud wagons including shipping US$26.95

S scale:

Price 1 mud wagon including shipping US$21.95

Price 2 mud wagons including shipping US$29.95


Figures, horses and rigging not included.


To order just drop me a email with your adress and I'll send you a invoice through Paypal and when payment is received the kit(s) will ship out.


Here are some more photos of the built kit. The photos show the HO scale version. Please note that the falling tongues, singletree and doubletree for a six horse team are included.

The figures (HO) come from Knuckleduster miniatures:


The horses (HO) can be bought from my Shapeways shop:



To accompany this mud wagon we are also working on a smaller two seated mud wagon that will be available soon.


A little history.

The mud wagon was one of the most common passenger carriers in the late 18 hundreds together with the Celerity wagon. The often shown stagecoach in Western movies of the Concord type was expensive compared to the other cars and of heavy construction. The Mud and Celerity wagon where lightweight and could handle the often bad and muddy roads much better. The prototype of the model is a quite large wagon with three seats inside. It could be equipped with more seats on the outside as period photos often show wagons with many passengers seated on the top of the wagon. The kit is based on a wagon is located at the Sealy Stable museum in old town San Diego. It is believed to once have been used by Wells Fargo to transport passengers and goods between San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona.

Deadwood stagecoach